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While smartphones have been used as a civilian tool for reporting crime, recent footage from a San Francisco murder scene has safety officials more concerned that handheld technology is making people oblivious to their surroundings.
The San Francisco Police Department says that security footage reveals the alleged killer of a young man on a San Francisco
The combination of a retro-futuristic color scheme and a soundtrack provided by by Charlie Parker's "Just Friends" makes
How much money do rush-hour delays on Muni cost the city of San Francisco each year? "This is a system that, while being
Even so, most San Franciscans' knowledge of what famed San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen termed the "Muniserable
Starting Friday, low- and middle-income kids in San Francisco will be able to ride the city's pubic transportation system
At least, that's what alleged in an audit report released Thursday by the San Francisco Controller's Office. The study slammed
"Bus Rapid Transit along Geary Street has been talked about since at least 1990, but that likely won't be on the ground for
The city is offering these services for free in celebration of Muni's centennial as the oldest publicly-owned public transit
"I feel like my heart has been shattered in pieces," 17-year old Tina Sataraka told the Chronicle following that vote. "They're