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Caffe Trieste is an institution in North Beach with deep ties to San Francisco's literary and counterculture. When Aaron
San Francisco is helping former offenders adjust to life after prison by turning a single-room-occupancy hotel into free housing.
Advocates of the program say it will give a population at risk of recidivism a better chance at rebuilding their lives after
Oakland, San Francisco's neighbor across the Bay, is also weighing a minimum wage hike this fall. An earlier UC Berkeley
It's also difficult for a losing candidate to raise money. "It's very hard to make a case to a potential contributor that
View Yee's withdrawal letter below: Yee Withdrawal Letter California state Sen. Leland Yee (D) is withdrawing from the secretary
He also has a history of unconventional campaign ads. In 2012, Dennis rolled out "Night of the Living Pelosi," an attack
I think California is one of the most beautiful states there is, and it's also the land of opportunity and ethnicity. But it's not a state that's easy to be poor in. Case in point: soon it won't be as easy to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge if you only have cash to pay your toll with.
What's your favorite restaurant? Do I have to pick? [Laughs] Helmand Place, which is Afghan food; Kokkari for Greek; I'd
Sup. Jane Kim spoke next, nominating Sup. Malia Cohen and saying, "It's been 13 years since we've been able to nominate a
But then, as it so often does, the daily grind of city politics happened and Lee's reputation as humble above-the-fray technocrat
We always sawy live in a cocoon here in San Francisco, a place where politics act a little differently than they do in other parts of the country. Are we marginalizing ourselves, removing our thoughts and causes from the national discourse?
Del Carlo noted that San Francisco invests much of its budget on homelessness, but that the homeless population remains stagnant
As we roll towards this November, we'll have the appearance of "popcorn politics." These are the great shows and stands that our politicians will take over the summer, all angling to find that one blockbuster that will propel them back into office.
Most agree that despite its looser limits on police activity than the previous draft, the new law is a step in the right
On Thursday evening, Barack Obama himself will pay a visit to San Francisco. And while he's been here before, this time he's
"Hey David I haven't made up my mind whether I'm going to run in District Three yet so don’t be too relaxed," she said to
(SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO) Hyde, a famed entertainer, is heavily involved in local politics and ran for District 6 Supervisor
If affecting local political elections is a next step for the Occupy movement, we may very well have a bellwether event here in San Francisco tomorrow.
Inspiration can be found amongst those whom we encounter in our own lives. Bevan Dufty is one such individual, someone who I have been fortunate to call a friend and inspiration for many years.