San Francisco Zoo

The arthritic, 21-year-old lemur is "agitated" but safe, zoo staff say.
The killing of the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo has received the attention one could only expect. I don't care to join in the bashing and blaming, but I do think this is the right time to ask a far more basic question. Why do we need zoos?
The exact date of Elly's birth isn't known, as she was born in the wild. But she has lived at the zoo since April 1974.
According to Jessie Bushell, San Francisco Zoo Director of Conservation and Western pond turtle Species Survival Plan (SSP) Coordinator: "The Western pond turtle's presence is a strong indicator of our ecosystem's health."
Throughout the late 17th and early 18th century, hats appeared to be for the birds. Or at least, made of them. Oodles of feathers from exotic species, and sometimes even an entire stuffed bird, would be the main ornament of choice on ladies' millinery.
The flock of stylish femmes were greeted and graciously hosted by Lori Shigekane, Charley Zeches and Mindy Henderson. It was an uplifting exploration of psychology, zoology and what truly defines an "Exotic Bird."
A styrofoam coral reef, a water bottle jelly fish and a plastic whale ribcage are some of the giant sealife sculptures featured
For the past five months, the zoo has been carefully transitioning her care from the staff over to her western lowland gorilla
The San Francisco Zoo just welcomed six newborn Chacoan peccaries, an endangered species once thought to be extinct. The
Just two days after being born, the yet-to-be-named baby gorilla smiled for the camera, photobombing the lens with her adorable