San Quentin State Prison

Soaring COVID-19 cases put people who are incarcerated at risk of getting sick and perpetuates a seemingly endless cycle of highly restrictive lockdowns.
Rodney James Alcala was sentenced to death in 2010. Authorities say he might have killed up to 130 people across the country.
An inspector general report slammed corrections officials for a “public health disaster” in which over 2,000 incarcerated people got the coronavirus.
More than 2,000 people incarcerated at the California prison have gotten COVID-19, and 11 have died as advocates call for the governor to release more inmates.
More than 1,300 people incarcerated at San Quentin prison alone have been infected with COVID-19, and seven have died so far.
Advocates are urging Gov. Gavin Newsom to release inmates from the state prison amid a COVID-19 outbreak.
More than 1,100 coronavirus cases and one death have been reported at the California prison. Infected inmates said they're protesting inhumane conditions.
The active cases affect about one-third of the Marin County prison's population.
The podcast is hosted by current and former inmates of California’s San Quentin prison.
Newsom will halt the execution of more than 700 inmates on the nation’s largest death row, for as long as he’s governor.