San Salvador

At least 22 others were injured when a major fire broke out in El Salvador’s Finance Ministry.
Six times in two years. Human rights activist Karla Avelar has been forced to move home six times in the last two years after
"It’s destroying us," one activist said.
"You cannot imagine what animals endure," says vet.
No one was reportedly aware of his injuries until managers noticed he was behaving strangely.
Stalled by bureaucracy and lack of transparency, it's helped very few.
Paola Delfin: Unfortunately I didn't have much time to check out a lot of places around San Salvador, but I felt really related
It has almost been two years now since Kuros! started distributing pepper spray to women as a way to protect themselves from violent and sexually based attacks. It has been an incredible 18 months so far; seeing us spread from India to Africa, and now into Latin America.
Playwrights like these, clearly passionate people who are willing to risk, willing to do things the hard way -- they have the important and difficult task of sharing what they've seen. How do they begin to speak the unspeakable?
The night before I met Ita in 1980 I was under fire on El Salvador's northern border with Honduras. The guerrillas were firing on the police station. A few weeks later she was dead.
In our hysterically sharing but existentially unsatisfying social world, thousands of "Friends" or a mayor's badge from a local bar can't necessarily answer the bigger contextual questions of your life and where it fits in the grand scheme.
The police in El Salvador have begun an investigation into whether a man suspected of leading a trafficking ring involving
The School of Americas is continuing to train Honduran officers despite claims by the Obama administration that it cut military ties to Honduras. And it's graduates continue to wreak havoc on Latin America.
I have flown from Haiti to Peru to Guyana in the Americas, Hong Kong to Indonesia to Sri Lanka in Asia, and Togo to Ghana in Africa.