The potential fine is an example of the "psychological terror" ICE inflicts on migrants like Maria Chavalan Sut, Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church's pastor says.
Dutch police aren't allowed to enter churches during services. So a Netherlands church is worshipping 24/7 to protect a family of asylum-seekers.
With help from local activists, Maria Chavalan Sut has taken up residence at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church in Charlottesville, Virginia.
The Oakland mayor said she’d go to jail to defend her city’s sanctuary policies.
Legal experts say the threat won't hold up in court, but it still matters.
The Justice Department singled out five cities and counties as potentially breaking the law.
A bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown will limit cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration officials.
The president continues an alarming pattern of lashing out against judges who rule against him.
"It’s OK, Mommy," her 6-year-old daughter told her. "In the church you’re safe."
The proposal calls for limiting collaboration between BART police and federal agencies.
Cities are still suffering from the tensions created by a topdown federal control approach to humanitarian crises, where
Texas governor threatens to cut state funds hours after the new policy is announced.