sanctuary cities

Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper called the legislation "unconstitutional."
The trouble started Monday when the pop icon wrote that while she understands helping immigrants, her city of Los Angeles “ISNT TAKING CARE OF ITS OWN."
During a roundtable on California sanctuary city laws, President Donald Trump said some gang members in the country illegally aren’t people, but “animals.”
Thomas Homan also lashed out against a standalone Dream Act and sanctuary cities this week.
This father immigrated from Albania to Michigan 17 years ago. Now, if he steps foot outside of this church, he’ll be deported. The reverend says she isn’t going to let that happen.
“Kate, who was such a beautiful young American woman ... . She was killed by this guy, an illegal alien,” Trump says at a Florida rally.
Trump and other right-wing leaders have used Kate Steinle's death to justify stricter deportation measures.
“The counties have demonstrated that the executive order has caused and will cause them constitutional injuries."