sand castles

With summer upon us let's face it the travel bug has likely gotten the best of you, right? No worries, since there's a place down south in Texas that has just the cure for warm weather fever and good fun.
"Once I begin building and forms take shape, I can start to see where things are going and either follow that road or attempt
Even sand sculptures can't escape technology! Tweet a picture of this social media-inspired work and you'll get really meta
Photo by Lynn Kloythanomsup of Architectural Black California-born artist Chad Wright has created an unusual homage to America's
Sand castle art is usually the type of thing which you find relegated to cheesy television show competitions... you know
With summer in full swing and beach weather officially here, sand castle season is officially upon us. But before you head
Remember when you were a little kid making sand castles and right when you achieved perfection a giant wave crashed down