sand sculptures

Bulgaria’s Burgas Sand Festival brings artists from over 20 countries to shape sand, water, and clay into massive sculptures.
"Oh for God's sake," Sam said. "He didn't call you a senior, he called you a señora." But in spite of the magical decor on
A blizzard may have thwarted photographer Joshua Nowicki’s Valentine’s Day plans with his wife, but it didn’t stop him from
The structures we most associate with beaches might be temporary -- beach chairs, umbrellas, sand castles -- or seasonal (beach bars) but artists and events organizers are increasingly looking at beaches as canvasses where they can display their thought-provoking works of art.
The whole family is sure to love this sculpture which appeared at the 2006 Dunegrass Festival. Hockey fans will love this
Summer may be officially over, but the beach isn't off-limits just yet. To inspire some last-minute beach bumming, we'd like
There are certain things you expect to see along Maryland's Ocean City Boardwalk during the summer: Children eating ice cream cones and funnel cake. Booze. Skimpy bikinis and sunburns. But giant replicas of Noah's Ark and the Last Supper? Not so much.
Remember when you were a little kid making sand castles and right when you achieved perfection a giant wave crashed down
Katie Grinnan's "Mirage" from her recent show at Brennan & Griffin is a painstaking testament to the movements of the human
In Latvia, 16 artists used 500 tons of sand to create beautiful sand sculptures around a circus theme. This is the fifth
Australia welcomed sand sculptors from around the world to join their Australian counterparts in creating amazing figures
There is something so magical, so primordial about fashioning a shape from clay, from sand and water. We all did it as kids
Buddhist monks visited Emory University recently and created this gorgeous and very large mandala sculpture. The sculpture