Then there's the sand castle. Yup, we all remember our childhood trips to the beach, schlepping pails down to the water's edge, digging tunnels, moats and towers like the ones in Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, imagining ourselves soldiers defending the fort, or princesses up on the balcony being rescued by the prince.
Impossible geometric sand sculptures are what summer dreams are made of.
This is a story about sandcastles, starfish, and redemption. I'm telling it to you because I was just back at the east coast and we all know that the coastline of the east is the quintessential place for sandcastles and starfish.
For some of Tan's work, click through the images below. If you like what you see, head to his site "Sandworkz" for more. Summer
With summer in full swing and beach weather officially here, sand castle season is officially upon us. But before you head