Sander Levin

Two newly elected House members have very different ideas on how the party’s presidential candidate can replicate their success.
The more the public hears about TPP, the less we like it. For most voters, TPP is too low to go. We are very much looking forward to stopping TPP, and starting a "rethink" of our approach to globalization.
Democrats say the bill actually makes a government shutdown more likely.
Lawmakers suspect the administration will upgrade Malaysia's ranking on human rights, though its record hasn't improved.
"If TAA slows down the fast-track, I am prepared to vote against TAA," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said
The May 10th Agreement struck the right balance between the need to promote innovation and the need to protect public health. TPP must meet the standards set in the May 10th Agreement. Right now, it does not.
I have deep concern -- and some dismay -- when the president says that "we are just wrong," or we are "satisfied with the status quo," or worse, we are "making this stuff up" when we express concerns about the status of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade negotiations.
Repealing the estate tax isn't just a boon for the 5,500 wealthiest Americans; it is a bust to federal taxpayers, who would be on the hook for its quarter-of-a-trillion-dollars cost. And it gets worse: Combined with other tax bills approved by House Republicans so far this year, our debt would grow by $584 billion to finance tax cuts for the wealthy.
These are standard Democratic objections to the TPP -- that whatever gains the deal might create for economic growth will
But Democrats like Levin think the trade deals currently in the works don't do enough to shift that disadvantage and fail
Republicans feared that trying to pay for their tax cuts by shifting to the highly uncertain dynamic scoring may not be enough. So they are further trying to rig the system with baseline games and make permanent tax provisions outside tax reform.
Asked later to respond to Democrats' claims that the reduced revenue will make tax reform more difficult, Ryan didn't answer
The IMF Guidelines demonstrate that the United States is not manipulating its currency and would not be at risk of losing a dispute. The far greater risk is that more middle class jobs will be lost in the United States as a result of foreign governments' currency manipulation. We need strong and enforceable disciplines in TPP to help prevent that from happening.
The major reversal from deep decline to economic growth occurred despite Republican opposition to President Obama's proposals, repeated GOP threats to default on our debt obligations, and an incredibly harmful 16-day government shutdown. And not only have Republicans stood in the way of Democratic policies, but they're now attempting to take credit for the recovery itself.
WASHINGTON -- One of the House Republican leadership's first bills of the new Congress will add some $53 billion to the deficit
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