Sanders 2016

There have been at least 58 arrests and citations connected to Trump events since Feb. 29.
Bernie refuses to run the way that the pundits think he should. When questioned about the supposedly kryptonite topic of "big government" last night, he wasted no time in saying that he was going to bring back the era when government actually helped care for people. A leader is someone who figures out where the future is going -- not someone who joins the party once it's underway.
You can see that crisis of understanding taking place in American politics, and it applies to those who cover it just as much as it applies to the elected officials they cover. They all seem to be saying, "how can this guy be doing so well? Everything we know about politics tells us he can't."
And then, it was saved. But those who work with him in Congress see Sanders differently. Miller called him a "realist" whose