Sandra Lee

Until recently, many people were of the mind that breast cancer was more common during the golden years, but we are hearing more and more that the diagnosis can strike during the third and fourth decades of a woman's life.
Mammograms have gotten better at detecting tumors in the earliest stages -- so much so that, in some cases, they are detecting
"It was March 27th," she said in an emotional interview with host Robin Roberts. "I walked off the set and 20 minutes later
Flowers, chocolates, perfume -- it's what most of us give the moms in our lives on Mother's Day. But why be conventional? After all, moms have many lives -- they work, they travel, they lead. Get a gift for the woman she is besides a mom.
If you're in charge of preparing some good eats this year, but are working with a smaller budget than you'd like, you are not alone.
Celebrity chef and author Sandra Lee joined HuffPost Live to discuss food, fashion and the latest issue of Sandra Lee Magazine
The TV personality was remarkably honest when asked if she thinks she gets other chefs' respect.
Good luck steamed, overcooked, oddly seasoned turkey! We hope you like the tablescape!