That's all Lebanon needed, a deadly sandstorm to accompany the government's paralysis, crumbling infrastructure, rolling demonstrations, and pervasive frustration.
The dust stopped Syrian regime airstrikes, but left thousands in war-torn Syria and nearby refugee camps at risk.
Take a look at some of the striking photos below. Sandstorms are a relatively common occurrence in China, but they have also
Midair collisions of sand particles can double the strength of a sandstorm, according to new computer simulations. The work
Considering that Beijing's plans for addressing the record levels of air pollution, 45 times the recommended safety levels, were greeted with little enthusiasm, this blogger would like to offer another one: time to abandon Beijing.
The video comes via National Geographic's recently launched website for "Great Migrations." The feature is a seven-part series
The longstanding mystery surrounding the Lost Army of Cambyses -- 50,000 Persian soldiers swallowed up in a hurricane-force sandstorm in 525 BC -- had finally been solved.
Dust plumes hovered over most of Iraq on July 3, 2009, as the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA's