sandy hook truthers

Dan Bidondi joins us for the hour to talk about Common Core, the Boston Marathon bombing, journalism, Sandy Hook, 9/11 Truth, abortion, the Second Amendment, religion, terrorism and much more.
Retired baseball star Chipper Jones apologized for tweeting that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, but it wasn’t enough for victim’s family members.
As the crowd booed, Ready explained his theory. "Some people in the videos, thank you very much, if you recall, there was
What you've done to the McDonnell family and to the memory of Grace McDonnell, and why you've done it, fills me with the kind of rage decent society wisely doesn't condone.
In addition, truthers have claimed that the victims' parents didn't express the proper level of grief. However, by cherry
Unfortunately for Rosen, it is an abomination that has gained ground in the weeks since the deadly school shooting. Websites