Sanford, Florida

The talk show host didn't embrace the president's affectionate message to rally fans.
Meanwhile, some of the president's fans have rewritten the Village People's disco classic as "M.A.G.A."
“I feel so powerful,” the president said during a campaign event in Florida, just hours after his doctor said he was "not infectious to others."
Maybe this was the one time to have a cow?
Gordon, who was found responsible for Brown's 2015 death, is accused of attacking his current girlfriend.
"He's always at the right place at the right (or wrong) time," said one of the officer's colleagues.
"Be generous when you've got something in your pocket and somebody needs it. It's not going to be a bad thing. Even if they go buy a beer, they just experienced generosity. You just experienced generosity. And that has a ripple effect."
The history of the prosecution of alleged perpetrators of violence against African American victims brought about with heavy public and political pressure hasn't been good for the alleged victims and those who conducted the prosecution.
When it comes to diversity, I say it should be like a salad bowl: Each culture presents its own flavor. We need to respect the cultures of all nationalities and appreciate the differences between them in what I call the salad bowl of life.