People are dying worldwide because they lack something most in developed countries take completely for granted.
Eyewitnesses said there was blood on the table and blood on the floor below the raccoon corpse.
After the midnight ball drop, NYC sanitation workers -- described as the "real MVPs" -- began their long night of work.
Showcasing smarter cities The project is part of the Engineering Grand Challenges research that aims to take on some of the
"I live and work with three basic assumptions. It may seem strange for a clean water nonprofit to memorialize the death of
A symbol of opulence you sit on every day. You may be chuckling, but I'm about to get very serious. In the rural villages
A number of smart entrepreneurs have identified this opportunity, and have been investing in different ways to deliver cheap
Yet sanitation in particular remains an issue which is still viewed as taboo and not suited for discussion in the halls of