sanna marin

The National Coalition Party claimed victory, appearing to beat Prime Minister Sanna Marin's bid for a second term.
"I wonder whether or not anyone ever asked Barack Obama or John Key if they met because they were of similar age,” the New Zealand prime minister said.
The former secretary of state tweeted a message to Sanna Marin that included a photo of herself cutting a rug in Cartagena, Colombia.
Sanna Marin has apologized after the publication of a photo that showed two women kissing and posing topless at the prime minister's official summer residence.
Sanna Marin is under attack from critics and political opponents over leaked video of her dancing and singing with friends.
“I hope that in the year 2022 it’s accepted that even decision-makers dance, sing and go to parties," Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin said after leaked videos sparked controversy.
From Taiwan to Germany, Iceland to New Zealand, the nations led by women have been doing very well during the coronavirus pandemic, with early interventions, swift lockdowns and sufficient testing.
Sanna Marin adamantly denied taking drugs and said she took the test to erase suspicion.
Sanna Marin was spotted in a video posted on social media showing six people dancing and mimicking a song in front of a camera.
The announcement paves the way for the alliance to expand amid Russia's war in Ukraine.