Japanese firm Sanrio just signed a film deal with Warner Bros.' New Line Cinema.
Netflix's new animated series adds a heavy metal soundtrack to the injustices of office life.
If there was an award for "cutest city on Earth," it would go to the birthplace of Hello Kitty: Tokyo, Japan. Every time I visit, I discover yet another store or cafe where you can interact with round, big-eyed characters.
"Boyfriends in the past have tried to make me give her up, so I got rid of them," she told the Daily Mirror. "It's part of
In what can only be called a painfully cute and incredibly logical move, Sanrio -- the company behind Hello Kitty -- is partnering
Hello Kitty has abandoned her signature pink in favor of red and black. Like Sephora's Noir collection, this hotel room is
Theron, who dished on style at her TimesTalk last week, has some (four-letter!) words for women who still sport Sanrio: “I’m
What: Sanrio is celebrating 50 years of adorable Japanese culture with Small Gift Los Angeles, an art gallery, carnival, mobile