Santa Clara, California

Pastor Jack Trieber said that he has decided to stand aside and let God lead the fight to reopen North Valley Baptist Church and other churches.
Santa Clara and San Francisco counties filed the lawsuit after the Department of Homeland Security announced its new rules to restrict legal immigration.
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Two women in my extended family made it to 100 years old. One had children, the other did not. One was honored with flowers and visits on Mother's Day, while the other never received a Mother's Day card.
Here are some psychological New Year's resolutions that may serve boomers well as they embark on another year.
San Francisco is moving forward with an effort that will add bike lanes at the expense of travel lanes and parking spaces on commuter-heavy Oak and Fell Streets, which a local businessman called "a 20-block on-ramp."
What's wrong with this picture? Are you kidding me? With this new found wealth [and improved property values], the city began
Here's the good news: average weekly wages in the U.S. rose 2.5 percent over the year, according to data released this week
Sun Microsystems plans to lay off up to 3,000 employees amidst the delay in its acquisition by Oracle Corp., officials for
WiMAX might have been coined wireless betamax by phone companies lately, but a serial entrepreneur with a background in network