Santa Claus

A 6-inch-tall Rudolph and 11-inch-tall Santa used to animate the 1964 TV special are expected to fetch between $150,000 and $250,000.
Many said the joke was tone-deaf, given the migrant children detained at the U.S. southern border.
The North American Aerospace Defense Command has launched its annual online tracker for children and parents to follow Santa on his worldwide journey.
Parents share their kids' hilarious Santa correspondences ... as well as their own.
"The Tonight Show" host also received the greatest impeachment-themed gift of all.
The hacker told the youngster he was Santa Claus and said, “You can mess up your room. You can break your TV. You can do whatever you want.”
"I’m pretty sure I saw this department store Santa in an old episode of 'Dateline.'"
Other sweaters also showed Santa being way more naughty than nice.
People can visit Santa Claus at Harrods -- but for a hefty price.
President Donald Trump is once again declaring that he is the one that brought Christmas back