Santa Claus

It might be April, but the late-night host just realized something crucial about St. Nick.
The bishop intended to attack consumerism during the holidays but instead presented a shocking reveal about Santa Claus, the diocese claims.
The sheriff's office said it didn't intend to be "insensitive," but the tweet with a Santa apparently planning to be armed when he comes down the chimney is still up.
The 95th annual parade returned in full after being trimmed down and only televised last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The holiday spirit is descending on the Zanchi nursing home thanks to the so-called “grandchildren of Santa Claus,” people who spread cheer to elderly nursing home residents.
The star said her longtime friend, who is the godfather to her daughter, is planning a sweet surprise for Christmas.
The unidentified man was flying on a powered parachute on Sunday when he became entangled in power lines.
Anthony Fauci told kids not to worry about St. Nicholas and the coronavirus, but some questions remain unanswered.
The outgoing president's narcissism ultimately leads to his own downfall in "The Late Show" animated short.