Santa Cruz, California

The scuba diving boat Conception burned and sank off Santa Cruz Island before dawn on Sept. 2.
Max Montgomery was on a first date with California doctor Andi Traynor when he had a heart attack while paddleboarding.
The backlash against his Santa Cruz business is an example of "terrorizing white European Americans into silence," the owner says.
No matter their background, those who participate in pole dancing should be able to do so without judgment looming over them.
What was disguised as a gang bust actually resulted in people being detained due to their immigration status.
Many music festivals are located in outskirts, wildernesses and boonies with the idea of creating a relocated community away from the normalcy of city life. Even city festivals usually take place at a venue that though proximal to city life, makes festival-goers feel as if they are in a timeless and placeless dimension.
Weston stars alongside A-lister Gerard Butler in Chasing Mavericks, which chronicles the captivating tale of the unique bond/mentorship between Santa Cruz legends Richard "Frosty" Hesson and Mavericks titan/the late Jay Moriarity.
"We want to supply the same product as high-end department stores but at a fraction of the cost with personalized service
According to Addicting Info, two women involved with the Occupy Santa Cruz movement in California walked into a Bank of America
A few pages later a local writer headlined her column with "Why We Love James" and described the high character of one of
Santa Cruz Police arrested I. John Clauer, 63, of the 1100 block of East Cliff Drive Tuesday after they were called to his
A massive telephone outage in Northern California is affecting parts of the state's Silicon Valley, home to many high-tech