Santa Monica

Other hikers were rescued as record temperatures topped 110 degrees.
There are no guarantees, of course. It's not an exact science. But in my own experience I find putting some trust in my instincts
Even when I'm the only occupant in my car, I can drive in the carpool lane. Traffic in Los Angeles isn't a myth so this perk
Photo: © Ben Arnon 2016 "We need a lot of help not only from Hollywood, Korea, and the filmmaking communities globally, to
Cassian Elwes added: "The takeaway of a pitch is that one logline; and the person you are pitching to has to turn around
Micah Green, who is Co-Head, Film Finance for CAA added: Lastly, Miguel Palos, who is CFO for IM Global, remarked: Leading
Tom marched for justice to the very end. Time after time, decade after decade, he worked to make a difference. He was unique
Wolf: Rather than a bridge, I think film is a medium that conveys a country's culture. Either way, if a film isn't seen by
Neighborhood Integrity Initiative? Here's a grateful shoutout to ULI Los Angeles. With the March election following close
18th Street Arts Center is a celebrated art complex in Santa Monica. Known for its support of the arts, it is home to artist residencies welcoming international and local artists and encouraging unique installations and performance artists.