Santa Monica Mountains

They could vanish in 50 years – or be protected by "wildlife corridors," researchers say.
Ventura County planners recommend proposed ordinance to carve out territory protections so wildlife can survive.
Biologists haven't received a signal from his tracking collar since early November.
The loss of the famed cougar is one more reason for a California wildlife corridor to protect the big cats, animal advocates say.
Preparation is the key. That, and when ordered to evacuate, I scram.
It’s hard for them to travel longer distances because highways hem them in, so they tend to inbreed.
The ferocious babies were filmed in California's Santa Monica Mountains while their mom was away.
I was waving my arms and jumping up and down like a game show contestant, shrieking "I'm right here!" into my cell phone. On the other end was a friend, driving up to my workplace to pick me up for lunch. He was a block away.
Have you ever known someone who has that special spark that can help change her community? Sooky Goldman helped save the parklands of Franklin Canyon in Beverly Hills.
Summits and scenic overlooks are reliable standbys for hikers, but you can have a bit more fun hiking to abandoned ruins in Los Angeles County. These dilapidated destinations, often put to ruin by wildfires, provide a window into L.A.'s past.
Malibu might be known for its beaches, but you should trade your wet suit for hiking boots to enjoy Malibu Creek State Park. A variety of short and long hikes within the park lead to pools, peaks, lake views, and even famous film sets.
But by now the sun was cutting across the tops of the hills with that last and best of the golden light, and it was pretty much too late for snakes. I took a breath, sat down on a rock. Maybe I'd stay and watch the moonrise. And then I saw the scat, right there, and it didn't look like a coyote.
The public has a right to be protected from environmental impacts and to expect developers to follow zoning laws and codes.
More fixed rail and dedicated lane bus rapid transit like Metro's Orange Line can mean the difference between getting to work on time and not having a job to go to.