santa monica shooting

Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks is a 31-year law enforcement veteran with significant municipal policing experience. Under her leadership as Chief of Police in Inglewood, crime rates declined to levels not seen since the mid 1970s.
"If these weapons are banned from being sold in California, they should also be banned from being manufactured by anyone
El Zawahri, who was the shooter's uncle, had traveled from Canada to California for the funeral and apologized on behalf
That is what the shooting at my school has done to me. It brought the random surge of violence that we as a country, as a world, and we as human beings are experiencing at this point in time, straight to my door and laid it at my feet.
The mass killings in Santa Monica didn't get as much attention nationally as some of the other (many other) recent mass killings, but perhaps that's because only five people were killed. But the killer had 1,300 rounds of ammunition. I repeat, 1,300 rounds of ammunition.
The NRA and its "corporate partners" in the gun industry have opposed and blocked even the smallest steps forward to regulate firearms. This kind of obstruction has consequences for real people: families left bereft, communities devastated.
The grounds had just re-opened to students on Monday. The victims were transported to a local hospital to undergo surgery
Because apparently this tragic shooting did not involve enough victims, the news media gave it ho-hum coverage, I guess because this kind of mass murder is just so everyday, these days.
"We all thought it was terrorists, then we found out it was a domestic dispute. How could it have spilled over, up this street
That woman escaped unharmed, police said. By then, the gunman had fled the scene and commandeered the car of another woman