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Now that Christmas Eve is here and Santa's arrival is fast approaching, it's time to track the where the jolly old man is
It’s that time again — Santa spends all year watching little boys and girls but for one night the tables are turned, thanks to NORAD Santa Tracker.
If you cannot reach a NORAD representative right away, here are a few answers to FAQ's from their website. With Santa's arrival
The NSA was present at the discussion with Mr. Claus because we have so far utterly failed in our efforts to intercept and decode the "naughty and nice" database used at the North Pole. We felt this would be well within the national security interests of the government.
Google Santa Tracker Today, they don't need that kind of patience. Kids are used to texting their friends. Why not Santa
The flap has driven lots of viewers to the video - nearly 265,000 on YouTube by midday Monday. Josh Golin, the coalition's
"This is very much a fun and safe and nonviolent site that children of all ages can visit," Davis said. "Parents can be confident
"He's on his way to you guys pretty soon, but he doesn't get there until you're fast asleep," she told siblings Griffin and
On Christmas Eves of yore, kids could only dream of where Santa Claus and his reindeer were flying at any moment, hoping
NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command) first got into the Santa business 57 years ago, thanks to a happy accident
This year you can count down the days to Santa’s takeoff with the official NORAD Tracks Santa app. Enjoy playing “Elf Toss
Google and the North American Aerospace Defense Command have teamed up once again to help you keep an eye on old Saint Nick
On December 24 at 2 a.m. EST, users will be able to watch Santa as he accomplishes the impossible. Well, listen up, non-believers
Want to know where Santa is right now? The North American Aerospace Defense Control (NORAD) can tell you with its Santa Tracker
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