The host of HBO's "Last Week Tonight" says it's time to end SantaCon.
The prank wasn't a success, but the message has been sent.
Whatever alcohol you drink in the bar should stay in the bar. Under New York City Administrative Code Section 10-125(b), it is illegal to possess or drink an alcoholic beverage in a public place in the City.
Not joining the fight to make it a reality is starting a fight to keep it from becoming one, silence and apathy manifesting as complicity. And pushing aside this issue altogether in favor of a debaucherous afternoon among blindly advantaged peers? That's a certain white privilege called SantaCon.
Episode 4 of the HuffPost original mini-series Jason And Katla's War On Christmas. In this episode Jason and Katla delve into the sick, twisted world of Santa Claus.
When Time Out discovered us... next thing you know there were 10,000 Santa's. The name and the meaning changed. When I told Sandra, Santacon is now known as a Santa Convention, she was mortified.