Like Greek, Middle Eastern, and Indian mythologies, the West African mythology offers a sophisticated understanding of creation and humanity.
"Location, location, location," is the mantra of L.A. real estate agents may be as valid for encountering hot new gods as it is for scoring hot new properties in the city of Angels.
Amador Medina is accused of disinterring the skeletal bodies for use in Santeria rites.
While on his tour of Cuba, Pope Francis will say mass in Havana's vast Revolution Square. From the altar, the pontiff can gaze over the crowd at dramatic monoliths including the towering Jose Marti memorial and the Ministry of the Interior, which bears a huge image of the revolutionary, Che Guevara.
Diverse beliefs are often found mixed together on the altars of Cuban homes.
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness
There are obvious limitations on what can be learned about a culture -- especially one that is still wrapped in secrecy -- in just a few days. With that said, here is my take on Cuba in 2015.
The priest said the ruling deity, Baba Eyiobe, is applauding the rapprochement announced on Dec. 17 by the U.S. and Cuban
Authorities in Miami opened an investigation after a young, live chicken was discovered with a photograph and other items
Vodou has been maligned for decades by those with little direct experience of it. However, Vodou has been the one constant during varying Haitian crises, representing more than 50 percent of the Haitian population.
Most recently, two women traveling to Baltimore from Cuba were detained at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
Santeria is an an Afro-Caribbean religion based on Yoruba beliefs, the BBC notes. There are few public buildings devoted
"I was looking in the water, and I see this blue bag and it looked like a leg of a goat coming out and some feathers," Floridian
View mugshots from other strange cases below: Customs agents at Miami International Airport discovered a pair of human fetuses
Elyn Johnson, Lincoln Memorial Park's manager, confirmed that seven graves had been disturbed, four of which were coffins
The pair, who were fired last week, can appeal their terminations. "It was kind of a joke, kind of a superstition," she said
"The botanicas really began in New York, and it's the Puerto Rican and Cuban communities that really got them going," said
Yesterday, Queen Street's noisy traffic stopped, the indigents rose from the ground and the food kiosks closed for a while. It was the day of pilgrimage of the Virgin of Charity, whose worship now spreads among Cubans after decades of forced atheism.