Santiago de Compostela

My wife and I began the pilgrimage in Le Puy, walking a week or so each year for nine years, always picking up where we last
I am a historian, teacher, and an avid hiker; definitely not a religious or even a spiritual person. But I was drawn to the
You need precious time for reflection.
If you think Spain's mostly about tapas, bullfights and Picasso, it's probably time to take a closer look. Spain has 17 autonomous communities, meaning they have their own executive, legislative and judicial powers, as well as their own cultures, foods and, in some cases, their own languages.
Camino de Santiago, which has been identified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, leads to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
For a moment I longed to be on that trail. Then I thought no. It was March and the weather was too cold and rainy.
Pilgrims, many of them fresh off the trail and carrying backpacks, crammed into a standing-room-only Mass in Santiago's centuries
A photo spotted by the Spanish newspaper ABC on the Amo's Facebook page could indeed be held against him. Published in March
Psychological assistance for victims “I heard about the accident and came to help,” says Alicante-based psychologist Teresa
Currently, emergency crews have put the highest priority on rescuing those trapped in the affected cars, which could be up