Claire Fallon and Emma Gray hand out superlatives in what was itself a superlative episode of the “Bachelorette,” including the best dating role model and the most satisfying one-liner.
New rules have been handed down to ensure the safety and well-being of the island's iconic animals.
Snuggle up in a cozy Parisian café, wander the frosty Jardin des Tuileries before stopping off at The Louvre or eyeing up
In today’s fast life filled with commitments, we all need a break. A break which rejuvenates us and let us take some time
I stare at the heavens. I don't gaze. I stare with eyes wide open and lips parted, gasping to breathe in the colorful air
The hotel industry is constantly expanding. And therefore, our hotel coverage on is always growing to include
February September Known as the 'golden state' California has much to offer the honeymooner - just a few highlights include
When I was researching for our honeymoon, I spent hours pouring over Pinterest and google searches trying plan and maximize our time spent over there. When I came back, I wanted to put together a complete travel guide for my readers so they would be the best equipped for their travels.
While white-sand beaches with azure waters and billowing palms are nice, they're far from unusual. For those looking for a unique coastal experience, the following beaches provide just that.
The benefits of traveling are extensive -- and often surprising. Traveling has been accredited with the ability to heal, educate, and expand our horizons. The feeling of inspiration many of us get after traveling is undoubtedly one of the best consequences of a trip away.
Whether you're looking to have a romantic getaway with your significant other, or simply cut travel expenses (and annoyances? maybe we're going too far...), there are plenty of destinations best suited for couples.
There is an emerging Greek tragedy. Not the familiar and ongoing financial troubles concerning Greece and the EU, but rather a catastrophe on a truly worldwide scale: an emerging mass extinction of life - the sixth such crisis in Earth's history.
Arriving by boat to Santorini, the theatrical C-shaped island in Greece's Aegean Sea, means first entering the strange purgatory of the port, which of course sits at sea level, 1,200 feet below the villages atop the cliffs that everyone is here to see.
As we hit the heart of summer, many people are planning that trip away. Husbands and wives, lovers as well as people in a relationship all look to a vacation to rekindle romance or jumpstart affection.