There was a new study all over the news this week that states ramen in American prisons, is now replacing the once popular cigarettes as currency.
Japan's most iconic season is almost here. Cherry blossom time. Clouds of pink petals cover the nation as the flower front moves slowly north. Every village, town and city lets business-as-usual slide to indulge in days of hanami, flower viewing parties.
The fest turned Sapporo's Odori Park into a winter wonderland with 198 snow statues of people, ice sculptures shaped like
Because sometimes your backyard just won't cut it.
This is not the first time in recent months that beer has been touted for its "healthful properties" by people in the industry
The barley used to brew the beer was the result of a five-month mission on board the ISS to experiment with growing crops
As previously mentioned here at Huffington Post Green, the Japanese are ahead of the game when it comes to carbon footprint
According to Environmental Leader, next year, Sapporo, a Japanese beer company, will start labeling its beer bottles with