Sara Bareilles

The Grammy winner's announcement followed that of her "Waitress" co-star Gavin Creel, who said he had mild symptoms but hadn't been tested.
The "Waitress" composer isn't going to sit back and be quiet: "It felt like the right choice for me to make a political statement."
From a song about "the people who lose" to another about the life of a Broadway star, the pair rocked it.
Tina Fey! Cynthia Erivo! Bruce Springsteen! Oh my!
Broadway's biggest night just got even bigger.
I get to be on Broadway. I get to come live my day out through great art and getting an instant response from a Broadway audience. That's pretty cool.
Hollywood has a problem. It's largely run by rich straight white men who, for the most part, champion the work of other straight white men. According to well publicized statistics, if you're a black, Hispanic, female or LBGT actor of director you've not been invited to the party. Getting jobs, good jobs, Oscar potential jobs, is nearly impossible.
My hope was that Bright Star would do a medley and somehow integrate Martin on banjo throughout. There are a lot of musically
Overall, the show was quite enjoyable, it just was not exemplary in any particular way. The leading actress was good, the