Sara Gilbert

The singer broke her silence on a scary incident involving an aggressive fan.
Osmond, who is replacing Sara Gilbert, said "everybody there is just full of love."
The comedian also compared Gilbert to Hannibal Lecter from “Silence of the Lambs.”
The show is coming back to TV, but without Roseanne Barr.
The "Roseanne" actress and executive producer said she's still "proud of the show we made."
A new venture would involve complicated rights — and possible lawsuits.
The episode left the door slightly open for an appearance next season.
His character has some explaining to do in an awkward homecoming.
Glenn Quinn and his character Mark are gone but not forgotten in the reboot's latest installment.
People are shying away from watching the “Roseanne” revival because of Roseanne Barr’s politics … but that may be just the reason to give it a chance.