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Comedian and host Sarah Haskins made an interesting discovery at her local Borders this morning that we just had
Sarah Haskins, HuffPost Comedy favorite and deeply funny lady, is preggers. Many of you may think that being pregnant brings
This year, I realized that we can't be perfect wives, mothers, career-women, and super-hot sex babes all at once. And then, I turned on the TV, and I remembered: of course we can! All we need is Stuff!
Beauty is an important part of American culture. But so are machines. And when they get
Ever wondered how to improve your dating life? Maybe it's time you watched a few commercials and saw how mini-burgers can make a major change.
I turned 30 this week, and promptly began to fall apart. Fortunately, modern medicine is here to help with my arthritis, incontinence, and bone loss...for now.
Commercials provide incontrovertible evidence that the villain of the Modern Woman is, in fact, her doofy husband. Ladies, beware! For you too may be harboring a man doing more harm than husbanding.