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The celebrated spinoff of "This American Life" is back later this month, with new episodes launching each Thursday.
In a complicated, twisted tale of alleged corruption and betrayal over budgetary wars, a presumed cover-up simmers at a colossal scale between the Army and the National Guard.
Steven Avery was a lucky man. If he hadn't been framed for rape, he would have no chance of successfully challenging his conviction for murder.
Season 1 will also be available on Pandora on Nov. 24.
"Lego Movie" auteurs Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are behind the adaptation.
In a newsletter to listeners, "Serial" host Sarah Koenig wrote, "We are hard at work reporting not one, but two distinct
Koenig successfully demonstrated that podcasts can rival television shows, even if the success of her show lies in adopting the very elements that make television successful. She rediscovered the power of the radio and legitimized a model that bundled serious journalism with entertaining elements.
Syed's longtime friend, Chaudry initially reached out to Koenig and "This American Life" producers to look into the case
It's often said in the digital world that "content is king." It is clear that in journalism, good stories (even at considerable lengths) still rule, whether in books, newspapers, magazine, web-based publications, podcasts, or on innovative digital narrative platforms.