sarah mcbride

McBride would be the first openly transgender state senator in U.S. history if she wins the 2020 race to replace a retiring Democrat.
Students who transition from male to female, however, will not be automatically eligible to receive a degree from the institution.
Sarah McBride, a trans woman and national press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, was harassed by two trans-exclusionary radical feminists.
McBride talks to HuffPost about being a public figure of trans experience, how she takes care of herself and her own idea of a queer future.
Senator Kaine always manages to speak to issues relating them to his life in a way people can easily understand and identify
Sarah McBride is the first trans person to speak at a major party convention.
This week I talked to Sarah McBride, Campaigns & Communications Manager for LGBT Progress at the Center For American Progress in Washington D.C.