Sarah McLachlan

Singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan has a lot to be thankful for. With album sales well beyond the 30-million mark, founding
I wish I could sing, and belt out every feeling like Nina Simone or sing a love letter to my daughter like Paul Simon. I love music and have long been impressed with the artists that enrich our world in so many ways.
It's an all-star lineup of some of today's most talented women in music. Check out our highlights from conversations with Linda Perry, Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan.
Nothing puts a damper on your tv watching quite like the saddest commercial ever. You know the one.
I admit I've never been a big fan of ballet. I really didn't understand how dance could tell a story so, although I admired the dancers' talent and flexibility, I just wasn't touched on an emotional level. But a couple of weeks ago, I saw Fumbling Towards Ecstasy -- and I got it.
"We had so many men say to us, 'why do you hate men,' when nothing of the sort was ever discussed or even thought. What did celebrating women's music have to do with hating men? Not a damn thing, as far as I could tell."
"I think any musician who can take a piece of music and not just play it but can put themselves and all their passion into it becomes an artist even if it's only them hearing it."
"I wrote 'Angel' after being on the road for almost two years straight and was both mentally and physically drained."
In a loving tribute to her dad, singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan's new album Shine On was largely inspired by the passing of her father. The result is an emotional, heartfelt mix of photos and quotes set to Sarah's acoustic version of the song about her dad Jack, who you see at the end of the video.
Sarah McLachlan: "I approach all my records the same way, which is to try not to "eat the whole whale at once." The approach to songwriting for me is slow and laborious and I just have to let things take their natural course."
A high school friend ventured across the cafeteria and handed me a copy of Sarah McLachalan's Fumbling Towards Ecstasy. "It isn't like other music on the radio," she told me. "It's different - just listen."
Sarah McLachlan joins Caitlyn to discuss her ASPCA sad dog commercials.
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Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan joins HuffPost Live to discuss "Shine On," her first album of original music in four years. She'll also talk about her tour, her work with the ASPCA and more.
She singled out her lesbians fans in particular as "a really intelligent audience," before noting, "I don't even know how
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