Sarah Palin 2012

It should have come as no surprise to anyone who has watched Sarah Palin's erratic and dysfunctional behavior over the past four-and-a-half years that when it comes to Republican Party loyalty, she has none.
Everyone has wondered who the Sarah Palin of 2012 would be. The answer is…Sarah Palin. Read more on Politico
Palin endorsed Cruz, the former Texas Solicitor General, earlier this month. HuffPost reported: Sarah Palin, who recently
The GOP has a fundamental flaw -- an identity crisis -- and the only way they can cover it up is to have an actor be their presidential candidate. Consider the Republican candidates of the last thirty years.
Anyone who has watched Sarah Palin closely in recent months can only marvel at the "magical thinking" she embraces with respect to the potential outcome of the Republican Party primary for president. It's clear that Palin still has her sights set on the White House for 2012.
Either Palin repudiates any notion that she may still be a candidate in any form or she gets suspended at least until after there is a nominee. Otherwise, Fox News will effectively become something even worse than what the left already thinks it is.
So we beg you, Sarah, please take a look at the video above and reconsider. This country -- and comedy -- needs you. Narration
The only logical explanation for Palin's bizarre "endorsement" of Newt Gingrich is that she knows that he can't win and that she is using him to create this false narrative of an evil "establishment" keeping the noble Tea Party down.
Romney, Santorum and Paul should be asked whether they would consider Governor Palin for such a post. A "yes" even to a question as benign as"consider?" is enough not only to doubt their judgment, but more than enough to be frightened for our future.