"Considering the role Planned Parenthood has played in looking the other way while the mass murdering abortion doctor Gosnell
When she was running for governor of Alaska in 2006, Sarah Palin reportedly said that even if her then-14-year-old daughter
Gov. Sarah Palin is backing a ballot measure to bypass the Legislature and make it illegal for teenagers to get an abortion
In the days after Tuesday's presidential debate there was some complaining among conservatives that so little of the campaign
Not directly but, yes, it does. Read more on Chicago Sun-Times George's five-paragraph message focused entirely on abortion
We've all had our fun at Palin's expense. But it's time to join Obama and laser in on demonstrating how a McCain-Palin administration would continue the failed policies of George W. Bush's presidency.
In a one-one-one interview with CBS' Katie Couric, Cindy McCain says she disagrees with Sarah Palin on abortion: COURIC: Some
Barack Obama has launched a broadside against John McCain's opposition to abortion rights and moved one of the most divisive
Selecting this particular woman largely based on her stance on one issue is the latest insult not just to Governor Palin, but to women as a whole -- and to our democracy.
The crazy rumors can stop. Bristol Palin is pregnant and her Mom isn't hiding it. Whether she likes it or not, she and her unborn baby are going to be an issue in this campaign.