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Palin didn't just criticize; she offered her own policy suggestions for improving veterans' lives. She suggested, for instance
Sia is a bisexual, liberal vegetarian and an animal rights advocate who has championed LGBT rights. In other words, she's
Palin, March 8: This is the guy who promised to provide for the sick, but there are more uninsured today than when Obama
(h/t RealClearPolitics) Palin weighed in on some Republicans she feels are capable of being the Commander-In-Chief, including
"That 'hope and change,' it went from a catchy campaign slogan to a reality, and along the way, 'hope and change,' 'yes we
I do not like this, Uncle Sam. I do not like this healthcare scam. I do not like these dirty crooks Or how they cry and cook
A forthcoming cover piece from The American Spectator will tell the story of how Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor
It should have come as no surprise to anyone who has watched Sarah Palin's erratic and dysfunctional behavior over the past four-and-a-half years that when it comes to Republican Party loyalty, she has none.
Critics of her position, she said, in one last irony, should "buck up" and run for office themselves. At any rate, Palin
"Barack Obama promsied the most transparent administration ever," Palin said. "Barack Obama, you lie." That wasn't Palin's
But colorful Democratic strategist James Carville joked that inviting Sarah Palin would be good for the Democrats, at least
The former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate also appeared at last year's CPAC. “We are pleased
After nearly four years of Palin, much of the country, including a lot of Republicans, believes that Palin is herself an impostor.
A convincing Sarah Palin impersonator, sitting in the Woodley Park Noodes & Co. near the hotel hosting the Conservative Political
At last year's CPAC gathering, the mere sight of a Sarah Palin impersonator was enough to throw some attendees into a star
If the Palin-at-CPAC story sounds familiar, that's because it is. Palin has been asked to give the keynote address at the
According to Politico: She resembled Palin but when she opened her mouth the attempt at an accent came off as more Chicago
Santorum then noted that Palin likely had "other business opportunities," seemingly implying that the former Alaska governor's
UPDATE (4:25: p.m.): In a statement e-mailed to the Fix at the Washington Post, Palin explained why she declined an opportunity