Sarah Palin Emails

First, some background: I know something about how annoying FOIA requests can be for public officials. After I returned home
The he-said-she-said nature of the Game Change controversy -- all based on off-the-record sources -- creates an opportunity for pushback and denial. The uncontested documents from the 2008 campaign, however, provide no squirm room for Palin and her minions.
An aide to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin emailed The Huffington Post Saturday to say that Palin was joking when she mentioned
Rumors of extramarital affairs and divorce have long surrounded the couple, who have been married since 1988 and have five
Sarah Palin's last few months as governor of Alaska were marked by financial insecurity and emotional turbulence, a batch
It continues to be inexcusable and audacious that the State of Alaska continues to withhold this information, yet inflicts penalties on an individual with the courage to come forward at great personal risk to share that information in the public sphere.
In a mid-June survey of about 650 registered voters, he found Palin's positive rating in Alaska at 39 percent and her negative
The state of Alaska released the last emails in the most recent Sarah Palin message dump Wednesday, concluding one of media history's most anti-climatic moments.
Who knew there was poetry hidden in all those Palin emails? In an exclusive excerpt from "I Hope Like Heck," Michael Solomon
WATCH: “It certainly shows the priorities in what was once a respected cornerstone of our democracy, our mainstream media