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"This is a movie about the vast gray area where 99 percent of our politics actually takes place,” Wallace said. “You’re just
"This is a movie about the vast gray area where 99 percent of our politics actually takes place,” Wallace told "This Week
Few made-for-television movies have arrived with the amount of fanfare, anticipation and attendant hyperbole as has HBO's political docudrama Game Change. Almost as soon as the HBO production was announced, critics began taking potshots at it.
Palin dismissed the HBO film -- airing publicly for the first time on Saturday night -- as unimportant. In an email to ABC
Conservatives may be upset with various details that they believe HBO got wrong in the Sarah Palin portrayal in Game Change, but one detail that the network got right was its portrayal of McCain as a cynical man devoid of common sense and sincerity.
Both Palin and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) have said they won't watch the made-for-tv movie that takes a look inside the behind
WASHINGTON -- After three years of speculation and plenty of criticism from its main subjects, HBO’s “Game Change” premiered
Julianne Moore, Jay Roach, Danny Strong and Sarah Paulson all stopped to speak with HuffPost while walking the red carpet.
HBO's film on Sarah Palin and the 2008 campaign, Game Change, will air this weekend. The only thing surprising to me is that anyone at this late date would be surprised by any embarrassing facts about Palin.
"There's this new movie out," McCain told FOX Radio's Brian Kilmeade. "I won't watch it. I know it's based on a book that
Strong pointed out that former Palin deputy chief of staff Chris Edwards served as technical adviser on the film, and was
Game Change will likely do what most political movies made by Hollywood's elite power brokers do these days: enrage conservatives, fill liberals with a fleeting sense of superiority, and drive HBO's ratings down while the rest of us watch SportsCenter.
The trailer opens with "HBO Films" morphing into "BHO Fiction" (a reference to President Barack Obama's initials), and then
"This new movie that comes out, (people) ask me if I'm gonna watch it," he said to Republican activists Saturday according
The network announced on Tuesday that the documentary, which follows Palin's rise from Alaskan politics to the main stage
The actress dresses the part in look-alike glasses and an updo. Check out the first photo of Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin
In an earlier interview with Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin herself said, "I think I'll just grit my teeth and bear whatever comes
Earlier, however, the former vice presidential candidate had tried to frame her acceptance of the issue as a function of