sarah palin waterboarding

Ms. Palin's words are an unacceptable conflation of church and state that represents the worst of what is possible when political conflicts are expressed in theological terms.
While Sarah Palin may consider herself a patriot, all we need are more Americans publicly espousing waterboarding, and other unacceptable terror methods, to push even more potential enemies into believing that indeed the West is serving, or is itself, the Great Satan.
"In joking that torture was like a baptism, Palin revealed her view of evangelization as an act of force, not love, and her
To take the most holy and life-giving rite of our faith and compare it to torturing a prisoner is demonic.
Speaking Saturday at the NRA's "Stand And Fight" rally at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Sarah Palin accused the Obama administration of instating counterterrorism policies that "coddle adversaries."
Saturday's rally was part of the NRA's annual meeting, which drew thousands to Indianapolis. During her speech, Palin focused