The sheriff called the deputy's alleged actions "a disgrace... to law enforcement professionals everywhere."
In the 70 years since the photo was taken, it has appeared in newspapers, in magazines, in books, online. Countless millions
I am clueless about olive oil because my Asian palate is used to soy sauce and sesame oil, so I showed up with bright eyes, wide ears and virgin taste buds - maybe even extra virgin!
Although some octogenarians are showing signs of Alzheimer's disease or dementia, Miss Betty dubbed her art exhibit as "Memory Lane" and guided us thru her seaside adventures in Portugal...
It seems all those senior citizens moving to Florida have been onto something. A metropolis in the “Sunshine State” has just been ranked as the city with the highest well-being in the united states.
Cowbell, cowbell! Columbia University's three crew teams launched their racing shells on the sunny shores of Sarasota for the first time over this winter break for their annual southerly training trip.
Information from: Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune, Police Capt. Tom Mattmuller told the Sarasota
"Sometimes they're better off going back home," Joshua Stansbury of the Salvation Army had told the news source. Despite
(Editing by Bill Trott) (Reuters) - The blossoming of twin "corpse" flowers, whose towering, phallic-shaped blooms reek of
WATCH: BELLO HANGS FROM A HELICOPTER If you're seriously thinking of getting shot out of a cannon, you really need to go