The attack killed scores of people and prompted the U.S. to launch a missile strike on a Syrian air base.
"Evidence was detected in patients which leads one to think they were exposed to a chemical substance."
One concrete way to disabuse him of the notion that he has carte blanche to create incidents that could put not only Turkey
During and immediately after the first gulf War, more than 200,000 of 700,000 U.S. troops sent to Iraq and Kuwait in January 1991 were exposed to nerve gas and other chemical agents. Though aware of this, the Department of Defense and CIA launched a campaign of lies and concocted a cover-up that continues today.
Construction of a deployable system began in February, and the first prototype was available in June. A second was available
Russia said the U.S. deliberately ignored Moscow's study on the Aleppo area attacks. This accusation, without a definitive UN report, left cherry picking journalists and ideologues free to choose an easy version that suited them: a U.S. conspiracy or Russian deceptiveness.
This is one of those charts that should be read from the bottom to the top. Read more on
"Assad was a master of evasion, dodging, weaving, demanding absolute certainty; he treated the interview as a game of chess, making the necessary moves to avoid having to admit the evidence he knows (I believe) is there."
I am anti-war. That's precisely why I support a US strike in Syria.
This is just despicable. Reprehensible. Maria Rodale, the CEO of Rodale, Inc., has likened the purposeful murder of more than 1,400 people in Syria by sarin gas to the alleged health harms of the products of chemical companies.
It is horrific to envision the scene at those hospitals the day of the alleged attacks. For health care professionals, the most difficult task in such a situation is immediately determining what type of poison the patient was exposed to, in order to choose the proper course of treatment.
If we start bombing Syria, we are potentially committing ourselves to a deeper level of involvement than the administration is now acknowledging.
This House desires to obtain a full knowledge of the facts that go to establish whether it should vote for war against the government of Syria.
What needs to be said in conjunction with this grim analysis is that the infrastructure of democracy is still in place in
While we debate our nation's role as the enforcers of the proper morality of war and weapons of mass destruction, it might serve us to remember that our commitments - and lack of commitments - to global peace greatly help shape our image and standing in the world.
Perhaps it is solidarity with the victims of Damascus that has caused Hollande and France to voice their determination, and now to assume a leading role. As if to declare, 'We know, we have been there, it can not be permitted to happen again."
The most notorious sarin attack occurred in March 1988 in Halabja when as many as 5,000 Kurds were killed and 65,000 injured