Satanic Temple

The Satanic Temple claims it violates its beliefs.
Evangelical Christians already run their own after-school program.
He says Ted Cruz is God’s problem, not Satan’s.
They'll begin sessions with a "moment of silent prayer" instead.
Just when you thought high school football couldn't get more controversial.
They think he'd look good next to a Ten Commandments monument.
I can't understand why so many people who oppose abortion also oppose making contraceptives available to reduce the number of abortions. So why am I cautiously optimistic about the recent ruling by Federal Judge Richard J. Leon in favor of the anti-choice organization.
Arkansas recently approved a measure to build a statue of the Ten Commandments on the state capitol grounds.
A Satanic organization unveiled a controversial bronze Baphomet sculpture in Detroit just before midnight on Saturday, after
The Satanic Temple is making headlines this week for doing something controversial. Shocking.