A new documentary chronicles the rise of the Satanic Temple, a modern pseudo-religion fighting to stave off an increasingly evangelical U.S. government.
Kenneth Mayle, a self-described nontheistic Satanist, said the motto’s use infringed on his rights.
As long as they're capable of holding the darkest brew that man can concoct.
As I passed Little Zion Baptist Church on the corner of Divis and Ellis, I noticed something on the sidewalk. A swastika.
In a letter to the Duncan school district, some 80 miles south of Oklahoma City, Daniels assured administrators that his
Black Metal is a dense and fascinating 500 pages. Chapters are dedicated to the bands and subgenres that had the most impact both to its musicians and on the national stage.
Self-proclaimed devil worshipper Adam Daniels organized the black mass, a satanic ritual that parodied the Catholic mass
"I am quite certain that all of the children in these Florida schools are already aware of the Christian religion and it’s
We, as Americans, rightly hold to our freedom of speech and expression, but civility and goodwill, indeed those things by virtue of which we can cry out "We the People" in establishing those rights, demand more of us.
Chaz Stevens, a Satanist, explained to Raw Story: Just three days after the Supreme Court ruled that sectarian legislative
After the Oklahoma legislature authorized a privately-funded monument of the Ten Commandments at the state Capitol which
According to a spokeswoman for the Knox County Sheriff's Office, Nichols, 31, is accused of stabbing her 61-year-old mother
Ghost is a sextet that describes itself as a cross of "death metal and pop music." There are certainly some elements of metal in their music, but nothing that even comes close to the skin-flaying assault of bands, for example, like Meshuggah, Dark Funeral, and the covens of fellow travelers in this genre.
Am I suggesting Call Me Maybe is a dark musical tale of a woman damning herself to an eternity of hellfire for lusting after some hot guy-on-girl action? Of course not. Although I'm not NOT suggesting it, either.
Never one to let others appear more self-righteous than themselves, the fictional followers of Landover Baptist church have developed their own satirical, if non-existent, Hell House.