"People probably don’t realize that Carrie Bradshaw was radically different from who I was, who I continue to be."
"Sex and the City" will live on forever in viewer's hearts and on their DVRs. The show shed light on emerging designers, revolutionized
Sometimes, I think we'd be better off without the ability to re-watch old television favorites. "Sex and the City" is one
You obviously already know whether you're a Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte. But how much do you remember about the
In "Secret Sex" (Season 1), the "Yellow King," Errol Childress, plays Shmuel, a Hasidic artist with whom Charlotte has a
The hat, the skirt, the hat. This is just all wrong. And of course, this moment. Which is less cringeworthy for its fashion
More fashion from SATC: 6. If you have braces, own them. 1. Style has no age-limits. 15 years ago today, SATC aired its pilot
Sex And The City: The Guest Stars (MASHUP)
Mr. Big not only buys [Carrie] a penthouse apartment (“I got it”), he offers to customize the space for her shoes and other
By the time she hit her 30s, Carrie Bradshaw had Stanford Blatch, her fabulous gay talent agent best friend in HBO's hit
Ninety-four episodes, eight Golden Globes, two movies and years later, it's safe to say we know the leading ladies and golden girls of Darren Star's famed HBO drama Sex and the City. But perhaps the show's most alluring and timeless star? New York City itself.
We got to thinking... remember when Miranda wore those awful power suits?
In a twist of fate which could have been lifted straight from an episode of the hit HBO series, "Sex and the City" author
Young women may think there is no emotion attached to the physical, but in reality, most of the times there is, and that misconception can lead to a lot of hurt feelings and damaging of the self-esteem.
What's amazing to me is how hard some people work at reading political meaning into works that had no such ideas. Just because you can make a case for a metaphorical reading doesn't mean you should.
I wonder how it is that this smart, talented, presumably goodhearted group of people could have been so oblivious about traipsing around a misogynist oil sheikdom in eight-hundred dollar shoes.
On May 26th, the tour company created a special Midnight Madness event taking Sex and the City fans to over 40 locations throughout the city, where both the TV show and films were shot.