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Broadcast media are under intense pressure, given tight deadlines, security threats, competition and shrinking budgets. The key challenges are: How do we define media ethics and who sets the standards when the journalism of terror is becoming the new normal?
Rumors are Lebanon's daily bread with legacy media and citizen journalists accused of fanning the flames amid domestic political unrest, economic uncertainty, and regional upheaval whose sparks are burning Lebanese fingers.
The company said DirecTV installation contractors and subcontractors are required to complete a background check before being
In the middle of the night, when most Americans are sound asleep, their lights and appliances off, a power hog is wide awake
"This definitely has some competitive downside," he said. "I'm not sure this will raise as many fundamental dangers as the
This post has been revised to clarify that Charlie Ergen has played no role in AT&T's discussions about acquiring DirecTV
There was a glimmer of hope that subscription services like Hulu Plus and Netflix coupled with streaming players would finally free us from our expensive cable and satellite bills, but most people aren't ready to cut the cable cord.
"In a lot of ways these things are complementary," IDC's Ireland said of streaming players and paid TV. "They're providing
"Fans of 'The Walking Dead', if they don't want to miss an episode, should explore other service provider options," Carroll
"With approximately 20 percent of hotels currently offering HD service to their guests, we expect this new service to significantly