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Outspeak caught up with two cryptocurrency experts, Ethereum co-founder Taylor Gerring and crypto commentator David Seaman, to get their thoughts on the evolution of cryptocurrency, and what comes next.
On Tuesday, both Wired and Gizmodo dropped a big bombshell: According to “leaked” (Wired) or “hacked” (Gizmodo) documents
I am completely serious in suggesting Satoshi Nakamoto for the Prize. The invention of bitcoin -- a digital currency -- is nothing short of revolutionary.
Blockchain. Not code for Tetris. Every time something is bought or sold using bitcoin, it's verified and publicly recorded
Just as a true artist lives by his or her art--creating and being remembered through a legacy of masterpieces--Nakamoto's anonymity perfectly mirrors the anonymity of his Bitcoin masterpiece.
Nevertheless, the BITCOIN idea is sheer Proustian in its alternative logic and shares the main features of Harai's description "humans are different because they inhabit an imagined world."
Newsweek did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The magazine, which used the Nakamoto cover story to launch
* Nakamoto evades scrum, spirited away by the AP "FOCUSED AND ECLECTIC" TEMPLE CITY, Calif., March 6 (Reuters) - A Japanese
The story immediately sparked controversy, with commenters on Newsweek's website and Bitcoin fans on Reddit complaining about
Bitcoin true believers really do hope, even perhaps intend, that their new currency subverts and supplants a state-based system they believe to be non-consensual and coercive. In the end, however, the state's role will be vindicated.